3 Wedding Gifts They’ll Actually Appreciate

It seems that the more weddings you get invited to, the less creative you get with the wedding gifts that you pick out. A couple has a registry for a reason. However, you can probably attest to the fact that half of the things on your registry will go unused or end up being returned and exchanged for something different. Most couples just don’t have a very good idea of the things that they’ll need for their new shared home; fancy cheese plates and china may sound nice but will more than likely just gather dust. If you’re feeling a little daring and feel like purchasing a gift for your next wedding that’s off of the registry, here a few gift ideas that the happy couple will actually appreciate.

Pre-wedding pampering


There are a lot of costs that go into a wedding, and a lot of those costs are unseen. And planning weddings are stressful. What the happy couple really wants, is a little relief. Purchase a couples massage for the two of them, that they can use before or after the wedding. Or another great idea is to offer to buy salon services for the bride before the wedding to help relieve some of the cost. Spray tans, hair, nails, eyelashes, makeup, and the list goes on. Any of these things would be a thoughtful gift that your friends will be sure to love.




Don’t underestimate the value of a practical wedding gift. Gifting the newlyweds a home safe or security system will help them feel secure in their new home together, as well as protect their possessions that are the most valuable. This is the kind of gift that they probably wouldn’t think to add to a registry, but will be grateful for for years to come.


Flexibility and financial security


Security has a lot of different meanings. Not only do they need to secure their belongings and home, but their financial wellbeing deserves to be secured as well. If you’re at a loss of what to give, or you forgot the wedding was this weekend and are out of time to get a gift, money is always a good option. It may feel tacky, but it’s one of the most appreciated gifts. You could be gifting them groceries, their phone bill, or gas for their car. These things are the things they may really need, but you can’t put groceries on your wedding registry.