Gift Ideas for Hunters

Duck hunterIt’s that time of year, and we’re out shopping for everyone on our list. Do you have a hunter in your life? Someone, perhaps, who tracks hunting seasons on the calendar and eagerly awaits news about whether or not his raffle ticket for a big game item has been chosen? Well, whether your budget for gift-buying is big or small, there are great options for gifts out there that will make hunting more fun, safe, comfortable, and successful.

Gift Certificates for Mounting and Processing

Hunting can be an expensive hobby, and one of the most costly parts (and least-often-considered) is the expense afterwards. Depending on what you want to do with the animal, it can cost a lot of money. Processing and preserving the meat is one thing. Finding ways to present the evidence of your adventure is another. Whether you’re mounting a deer or elk, or preserving certain parts (like the hide) as a keepsake, the cost adds up. So, consider giving a gift certificate that will help your loved one make the most of his next excursion.

Framed Picture with Their Best Catch

Speaking of preserving the memory of the adventure, you might want to provide a personalized memorial of the event. Having a great picture of someone with their big catch can be priceless. Consider using your favorite picture and putting it in a beautiful frame, or even a print that can be displayed somewhere in the den.

Scent Crusher

Animals have much more keen senses of smell than we do. This makes masking our scent very important while hunting. Scent-free bags, scent-crushing car plugins, and odor-eliminating sprays can all help to ensure that an animal doesn’t sense us long before we even know they’re close. If you decide to go this route as a gift, make sure to get them from a gear store. As a bonus, all of these items can also come in handy if your hunter tends to track in the smells of the great outdoors whenever they come home.


If you’ve ever tracked and waited outdoors for long periods of time, you’ve learned that it’s easy to get chilly. When you’re holding still, it can be especially cold in your extremities, like your fingers and toes. Consider a stocking stuffer of handwarmers or bootwarmers. If your budget is small, you can get the little disposable one-use packets. However, you might also want to consider something like the Zippo handwarmer, which is rechargeable, or even something cool like heated insoles.

First Aid Kit

When you’re out hunting, the chances of you yourself getting injured are pretty high, and it doesn’t need to be a stray bullet or an animal attack to hurt. Often, the things that get us are trips, exposure, and cuts or scratches from mishandling a knife. A good first aid kit can keep your loved one safe out there.

Special Sunglasses

It’s always important to protect your eyesight from the sun. However, when we’re hunting there are other factors that need to be considered when it comes to sunglasses. You want sunglasses that will blend in with your camo, and avoid reflecting and creating a giveaway flash. You also want them to help with better, clearer vision, be a good enough fit and shape to stick with you as you trample through difficult terrain, and preferably even be strong enough to guard against stray ricochets and shrapnel.

Gun Vaults

If you have a gun, then hopefully you already have a safe. However, if you need some extra space, or if you’d like to be able to transport a gun safely, consider buying a more compact gun safe, or a locked gun case. Browse our inventory here.