How to Care for Your Safe

Safes are heavy duty, well crafted items that are meant to last generations. While a high quality safe doesn’t usually require much maintenance, you’ll want to make sure you take care of your investment so that it can take care of your valuables for years to come. Here are a few tips on keeping that safe clean, secure, and beautiful.An o

Clean it monthly

Like everything in your home, safes can collect quite a bit of dust. Giving it a regular wipe down is a good way to keep your safe in pristine condition. First, you’ll want to get a soft, non-abrasive cloth to do the wiping. This is especially important if you have a gloss or textured finish, which can be damaged by a rough cloth. Also, do not use polishes or metal cleaners on the handle or locks. These surfaces are coated to resist tarnishing and can be damaged by such cleaners. A damp cloth is enough to remove dust from the exterior, cracks, and handles of your safe.

Oil lock bolts once a year

The lock is the single most important aspect of your safe. It needs to be well taken care of to ensure its functionality. Generally, this is something that you can do yourself. First, inspect your locks from time to time and determine if they need a dab of oil or grease to help them open and close smoothly. If you feel your lock could use a little oil, apply a small amount to the front and bottom of the bolts. More than once a year isn’t generally necessary, and you should be able to tell if your lock is in need of any extra lubrication.

Have your lock serviced yearly

Again, the lock’s importance to the functionality of your safe cannot be overstated. The lock is what differentiates a safe from a massive, heavy, unsecured box. Without a functioning lock, your valuables will either be out of reach to yourself when you need them, or completely available to theft. While a quality safe shouldn’t be a problem, it is best to have a little security and have your lock serviced by a professional locksmith once a year. Most quality safes have a warranty, so check and see what your warranty covers or requires.

Your safe is a quality investment and, if taken care of, can be a valuable source of security for your entire life. A little maintenance on a regular basis will keep your safe in good functioning order and ensure that your valuables are kept secure.