Browning Universal Vault Door Out-Swing


Exterior Color:> Gloss or Primer Finish
Body Thickness: 12 Ga
Active Bolts: 22
Overall Weight: 645 lbs.
Dimensions: 85″ x 45″
Handle Type: 5-Spoke
Door Type: Duo-Formed
Lock System: E-Lock
  • Door frame “L-flange” will fit any wall with a minimum thickness of 5-1/2″
  • 1 5/16″ thick Duo-Formed door
  • 22 1-1/4″ chromed locking bolts
  • OmniBarrier Lock Protection System
  • Uni-Force Locking System
  • 1 1/2″ of fire resistant insulation in the door face
  • Three-spoke, gold-plated handle
  • External ball-bearing hinges
  • UL Listed S & G Type I Electronic Lock
  • Internal lock release to open the door from within the vault
  • Built in the USA
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UNIVERSAL VAULT DOOR FEATURES Designed to fit a variety of wall types and installation requirements • Available with an out-swing or in-swing option • 1-5⁄16″ thick Duo-Formed® door • 22, 1-1⁄4″ chromed locking bolts • OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System • Uni-Force™ Locking System • 1-1⁄2″ of fire-resistant insulation in the door • Knurled five-spoke Buckmark handle • External ball-bearing hinges • Palusol® expanding fire seal • Also available with a black primer finish that is ready to paint and match any decor • Internal lock release to open the door from within the vault

IN-SWING SPECIFICATIONS The minimum rough door opening for the In-Swing Vault Door is 83-1/2″ x 42″ • Clamshell flange design uses an internal and external flange for additional security and improved appearance • Can be secured into an existing door frame using the clamshell flange or, for additional security, using expansion anchors or lag bolts (not included) • Clamshell flange has a 3-1/2″ range of adjustment to fit walls with a minimum thickness of 4-1/2″ to a maximum thickness of 7-1/4″


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