Champion Trophy Series Safes

The Trophy Series – Champion Safe’s steel homeowners insurance policy, that covers everything you put in it – without annual premiums. Available in one size, the Trophy Series provides and excellent quality at Champion’s most economical pricing – a safe all can afford.

Trophy 60


60 Gun Capacity,

60Cubic Feet

1275 lbs.

Trophy 50


51 Gun Capacity,

50Cubic Feet

1050 lbs.

Trophy 42


38 Gun Capacity,

42Cubic Feet

925 lbs.

Trophy 35


33 Gun Capacity,

35 Cubic Feet

900 lbs.

Trophy 25


24 Gun Capacity,

25 Cubic Feet

750 lbs.

Trophy 19


15 Gun Capacity,

19 Cubic Feet

510 lbs.

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The Trophy Series offers many features our competition can’t afford to include like; the famous Sargent & Greenleaf lock, internal ball bearing hinges, and 100% active door bolts. The Trophy’s steel body is formed out of 11 gauge (.120) steel. Then Phoenix™ Class I Fire Protection, rated at 1500° for 75 minutes, is added forming a shell 3/4-inch thick. Unlike our competition the 4 1/2-inch thick composite door is crafted from two full sheets of 11 gauge steel with fire insulation sandwiched in between. the Sargent & Greenleaf lock is protected by Champion’s thick Diamond Imbedded Armor-Plate™. Champion’s Auto-Relock™ System, which is activated by heat, drilling or tampering, stands by to securely deadlock the bolt works. Lock-up is accomplished with 8 active, 1-inch diameter, door bolts, including top and bottom bolts. Roughneck™ Bolt Guides prevent door bolt rustling, squeaking and provide a lifetime of smooth operation.

All Trophy Series safes have an attractive textured black-jade finish with chrome spoke handle and dial. The interior is covered with velour (except sidewalls).

The Trophy Series – A safe you can’t afford not to own. Don’t let burglars take away your irreplaceable keepsakes. It’s time to lock the gate before the horse is gone!

Trophy Series Features:

  • Phoenix™ Class I Fire Protection — 1500° 75 minute Rating.
  • 3/4-Inch Thick Body Construction With 11-Gauge Steel Outer Wall.
  • 4 1/2-Inch thick Composite Door.
  • Internal, Ball-Bearing Hinges.
  • Sargent & Greenleaf Lock.
  • Champion’s Auto-Relock™ System.
  • Diamond Imbedded Armor-Plate™.
  • Up to 14 Active, 1-inch, Chrome-Plated Door Bolts.
  • Roughneck™ Bolt Guides.
  • Chrome Spoke Handle and Dial.
  • 5 High Gloss Colors & 2 Texture Colors
  • All-Pro™ Interior.
  • UL Security Rating.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


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