Fort Knox Controlled Access Box

Add a secondary locking security box inside your vault for those other items you don’t want anyone to see. They come in three sizes for your convenience and all come with a mechanical lock and a Lifetime Warranty. Have access only when you want!

Model H  x  W  x  D Weight Outlet Price
CAB 20 9″ x 20 ” x 16″ 43 lbs $ Price On Request*
CAB 24 9″ x 24 ” x 18″ 55 lbs $ Price On Request*
CAB 28 9″ x 28 ” x 18″ 63 lbs $ Price On Request*
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Securing even the smallest of items is critical whether it be in a vehicle, home or needing additional protection in your safe. These personal security boxes are solid and secure but less expensive than the larger safes due the extra features that go into our safes and vaults. Secure all of your possessions large or small in one of our personal security solutions.


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