Fort Knox Pistol Safe Box

Fort Knox pistol box with a Simplex® mechanical lock.

PISTOL BOX Protect your valuables in your car or in your home. Choose from one of these two sizes for maximum storage. These new high security Pistol Boxes are constructed with a heavy 10-gauge body and a 3/16″ plate door.  The 6″ deep version is great for an automobile while the 12″ can be used in many applications.  Fort Knox Lifetime Warranty comes with both boxes.

Model                                H  x  W  x  D        Weight        Outlet Price
Personal Pistol Box          9 x 5” x 12”          20 lbs.        $Price On Request*

Auto Pistol Box                   9 x 5” x 6”          13 lbs.         $Price On Request*

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Securing even the smallest of items is critical whether it be in a vehicle, home or needing additional protection in your safe. These personal security boxes are solid and secure but less expensive than the larger safes due the extra features that go into our safes and vaults. Secure all of your possessions large or small in one of our personal security solutions.


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