Fort Knox Vault Door In-Swing

VD IN-SWING 8240 & 8248
• 1 ⅛” Reinforced Fire Door (⅜” steel plate, 1 layer of fireboard
& 10-gauge reinforcement)
• Quadrafold™ recessed door
• 19-1½” diameter active locking bolts on sides and top
• Foil™ mechanical back-up relocking devices
• Patented multi-gear drive, 5 to 1 reduction rack & pinion
locking mechanism
• EasyGlide™ concealed ball-bearing hinges
• Drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings
• S&G Electronic Lock
• Gold, chrome or black chrome plated 5 spoke Clutch Drive Handle
• High Luster, 4 stage, baked on acrylic urethane metallic finish
• Remote Relocker
• Inside Release Mechanism
• Limited Lifetime Warranty



Fort Knox research shows…
Many Americans outgrow their home safe within just 2 years after purchase. It’s because safes fill up faster than you think: an antique here, a collectible there. Then top it off with that can’t-throw-it-away paperwork, and you’re out of space. If you can see this type of collection buildup happening to you, we recommend adding one of our Fort Knox vault doors to your existing storage room, building or concrete addition. Or, design a new vault door for your upcoming dream home, so you can rest assured you’re getting industry-leading protection with room to spare.

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