Fort Knox Spartan 6031

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Affordable & Formidable

New from Fort Knox, the Spartan Vault stands as the first line of defense against home invaders. With its 3/16” body and 3/8” plate door the Spartan repels attacks with ease. Increase the Spartans value by adding a bundle package. Rest assured, knowing your valuables are protected by the Spartan Vault.

Vault Features  
Size: 60x31x27-30 in. Weight: 975 lbs
Fire Protection Rating 1450 Degrees Fahrenheit in 50 min
Overall Body Steel Thickness 3/16"
Door Edge Steel Thickness 3/8
Locking Bolts 12
Lights Optional
Dehumidifier Optional
Door Organizer Optional
Hinge Caps Optional

Find more info about Fort Knox  HERE.