Browning Pro Series Deluxe DLX49T

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Browning ProSteel Pro Series Deluxe starts with a thick  11-Gauge steel body. it adds a       1-11/16" Duo-Formed Door.  Force Deflector Locking System, 4" x 1" MAX Locking Bolts on all four sides.  2 Pry-Stop Max End Bolts.  Full 10-Gauge inner plate.  S&G Dial or Electronic Lock.  Hardened pins, Relocker lock protection and 4-sided, fully reinforced door frame.  

Fire Protection of 100 minutes at 1680 degrees F.  Palusol fire seal, ThermaBlock interlocking insulation, Door 2-3/8", Body 1-7/8", Ceiling 2-1/2", External Hinge.

Convenience:  180 degree Hinge, LED lighting package, Elevated floor, DPX Door Panel with Scope Saver, Pistol Racks.

Appearance: 5-spoke black chrome, silver chrome or gold handle, Black Chrome, silver chrome or gold hinge caps.  Beige fabric interior

Made in USA