Fort Knox Guardian 6031

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Personalized Precision Vault

Other manufacturers can only hope to build a safe with the features and precision of the Guardian Vault. The Guardian starts with a 3/16” outer body and 10-gauge inner steel liner, 90 min fire, 16 locking bolts, 4 star corner bolts, 5/8” door edge thickness and add a stout 10-gauge inner carbon steel liner.

Vault Features  
Size: 60x31x27-30 inches Weight: 1245 lbs
Fire Protection Rating 1680 Degrees Fahrenheit in 90 min
Overall Body Steel Thickness 5/16"
Door Edge Steel Thickness 5/8" (.64)
Locking Bolts 20
Lights Optional
Dehumidifier Optional
Door Organizer Standard
Hinge Caps Optional


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