Fort Knox Titan 7251

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Securing Your Possessions

The Titan Vault begins with a 3/8” thick dual body constructed of a 3/16” carbon steel body, and 3/16” ArmaKnox AR500 inner steel liner. The standard inner AR500 steel liner gives you safe-within-a-safe style security and provides superior protection. In addition to dual steel bodies the Titan has a massive 3/4” door edge thickness held in place by 18 locking bolts.

Vault Features  
Size: 72x51x27-30 in. Weight: 2530 lbs
Fire Protection Rating 1680 Degrees Fahrenheit in 90 min
Overall Body Steel Thickness 3/8"
Door Edge Steel Thickness 3/4" (.71)
Locking Bolts 18
Lights Standard
Dehumidifier Standard
Door Organizer Standard
Hinge Caps Standard

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