Fort Knox Vault Door Out Swing 8240

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Fort Knox vault doors ensure all of your valuables are safe and secure. Available in two different sizes, each vault door is built from thick, hardened steel. Need extra protection? Add additional steel layers of cut-resistant AR500 steel, torch-resistant stainless steel, or carbon steel. Only Fort Knox gives you complete theft protection.

Rough Opening 82"x40"

Vault Features  
Size: 85x45 Door: 76x30 Weight: 1330 lbs
Fire Protection Rating 1680 Degrees Fahrenheit in 120 min
Overall Body Steel Thickness 3/16"
Door Edge Steel Thickness 1/2"
Locking Bolts 24
Lights N/A
Dehumidifier N/A
Door Organizer N/A
Hinge Caps N/A

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